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Speakers Bureau: Stacy Washington
Co-Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board

Stacy WashingtonStacy Washington, Co-Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board, is the host of the Stacy on the Right Show, broadcast daily on Urban Family Talk at 3 pm EST.

Stacy is an Emmy-nominated TV personality and Air Force Veteran. Stacy is the regular fill-in host for nationally syndicated radio shows The Dana Show, The Jerry Doyle Show and The Sam Sorbo Show. Stacy provides weekly commentary for The Allman in the Morning Show, The Sam Malone Show and The Sam Sorbo Show, and appears regularly on The Wilkow Majority, Cam & Company on NRA News, Powers to the People and many others.

After two years at Tennessee State University, Stacy enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. She served as a weapons system analyst and was part of the Eglin Air Force Base Honor Guard. A fourth-generation decorated military veteran, she served a tour of duty in Saudi Arabia while supporting Operation Desert Shield.

Stacy's time spent in service to our nation strengthened her stance on issues of freedom such as the Second Amendment. It also underpins her understanding of the effects of limited government on our armed forces. Additionally, Stacy is an advocate for school choice and personhood for the unborn.

While growing up in Germany as the daughter of an Army police officer and a budget analyst, Stacy traveled to Russia, Spain, Austria, France, England and the Netherlands. This travel gave giving her an in-depth, cosmopolitan view of culture, U.S. foreign policy and the marked differences between a democratic republic and socialism.

Stacy is active on Twitter, where her handle is @StacyOnTheRight.

Tune into Stacy's daily radio show by downloading the Urban Family app, listening via live stream on or listening via terrestrial radio on the following debut stations: 106.7 FM WKVF Memphis, TN; 98.3FM WDFX Cleveland, MS; 90.5 FM WQVI Madison, MS; 91.7 FM WAJS Tupelo, MS; 91.5 FM Norwood GA; 91.9 FM Rossford/Toledo, OH; 1520 AM/WNWT Rossford/Toledo, OH; 88.3 FM KARJ Boise, ID.

Sample of Public Appearances by Stacy Washington:

On Newsmax TV's "The Hard Line," Stacy criticizes President Obama for not addressing the real issues facing black Americans (1/13/16)

On Newsmax TV's "The Hard Line," Stacy discusses what will and won't work to help the racial climate at the University of Missouri (11/9/15)

On the Fox News Channel's "The Kelly File," Stacy defends police officers, shares her personal experiences in Ferguson, and champions the need for strong fathers (9/4/15)

On NewsmaxTV's "The Daily Wrap," Stacy shares her firsthand experiences in Ferguson, MO, and asks the cutting question, WHICH black lives matter? (9/4/15)

On NewsmaxTV's "The Steve Malzberg Show," Stacy discusses the Iran deal, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis and whether Black Lives Matter is a hate group (9/2/15)

On One America News Network's "The Rick Amato Show," Stacy discusses how an organizer of Occupy Wall Street is further radicalizing Ferguson protestors (12/23/14)

On Fusion's "America with Jorge Ramos," Stacy discusses Saturday Night Live's hire of a black female (1/7/14)

On Blaze TV's "Real News," Stacy says Vice President Biden does not understand the Second Amendment (1/25/13)

Publications by Stacy Washington:

To Improve Race Relations, Don't Suppress Your Race (January 2015)

The Progressive War on Truth Claims Another Victim (July 2014)

Don't Deflect the Blame, Stand up to Evil (January 2013)